TDA Class Dress Code 2019/20 season

Girls: Hair in pony tail or bun, PINK leotard, pink tights optional, pink leather ballet shoes
Boys: White t-shirt, black athletic shorts, black ballet shoes
Adult taking class with dancer: Clothing you can move comfortably in and sneakers or socks

Girls Hair for all  Ballet classes:  Neat tight bun      For all other classes: Bun or Ponytail

ACADEMY  TAP & BALLET  COMBO- Preschool & 1yr Pre:  age 3-6
Girls:  Black or PINK solid color leotards, tights, pink leather ballet shoes, and black patent leather tap shoes (preferably with elastic closers)
Boys: White or black t-shirt, black loose-fitting athletic shorts/pants, Bloch black tap shoe, black ballet shoes

Girls: Black or pink solid color leotards, tights, Lycra jazz shorts and Tutterow dance shorts allowed
         and black patent leather tap shoes (preferably with elastic closers) 
Shoes:  TAP: Bloch buckle Tan tap shoes.     JAZZ: Bloch slip-on TAN jazz shoes
Boys: White or black T-shirt, black loose-fitting athletic shorts/pants, Bloch black tap shoe, black
          jazz shoes

ACADEMY HIP HOP classes:  
Girls & Boys: Baggy sweat pants or athletic pants, T-shirts or tank top. Sneakers with a white bottom/sole for rehearsing and class time.  
Shoes for Recital: Teachers will let you know by mid-January what shoes will be required for pictures, dress rehearsal and recital. 

Solid color leotard, stirrup or convertible tights, separate black dance skirt is allowed.
Boys: White or Black Tshirt, Black loose-fitting athletic shorts/pants.
Shoes: Dance "Paws: 

ACADEMY JAZZ only classes:
Girls: Solid color leotard, tights, black dance shorts or pants.
Boys: White or Black Tshirt, black loose-fitting athletic shorts or pants
Shoes: Bloch Tan slip-on jazz shoes

ACADEMY TAP only classes:
Girls: solid color leotard, lycra jazz shorts/ pants and TDA dance shorts allowed.
Boys: White or Black Tshirt, black loose-fitting athletic shorts or pants
Shoes:  Bloch Respect Tie up Tap shoes

Girls & Boys:  baggy sweat pants or athletic pants, baggy Shirt or Tank Top, Sneakers with a
       white bottom/sole. (solid black sneakers or solid black Hip Hop dance sneakers by picture
       day &  recital)

Girls: Hair in pony tail, Leotard, no tights,  acro shoes, dance paws or barefoot
Boys: T-shirt & Shorts no shoes. Can wear acro shoes

BALLET: ( Academy & Company)
Girls: Hair in a neat tight ballet bun, SOLID BLACK leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes. If a
        support bra is needed- only a solid black sports bra under leotard is acceptable
Boys:  White t-shirt, Black athletic shorts or black tights, Black leather ballet shoes

ALL COMPANY main class & technique: All Black dance attire.  Dance Paw, girls may need tan pedini for Holiday performances
  Tap- Black, Bloch Respect tap shoes 

• Tutterow leotards, shorts, sports tops may be worn in classes




2016 Europe Perfromance

Tutterow Stars of Tomorrow have been invited to perform in Ireland &  Disneyland Paris. This July, 20 dancers and their families are traveling to Europe! They have a performance in Ireland and will also participate in an Irish Step Dance Class. They will tour France and perform at Euro Disney. The dancers will take a class at the Royal Academy of Dance and spend a few days exploring England.
This is such a marvolous opportunity for these dancers and parents. Please consider donating to help these dreams come true for the hard working students. All monies raised will held the dancers attending the trip. These dancers are also working tag days, extra babysitting, garage sales and more to help with this cost. We appreciate all donations, any size. Thank you so much for helping them!